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Caring For Your Customers Brings Rewards

It is argued that acquiring new clients costs in the order of five times the rate of retaining existing ones. I would maintain that the ratio might be considerably more than this, especially when you factor in the likelihood of additional business that your existing clients could provide. We recently upgraded the alarm system for… Continue reading Caring For Your Customers Brings Rewards

We live in the real world – and deliver real world CCTV systems

As a lover of science fiction, I like nothing more to imagine that I could travel round the universe visiting strange new worlds, seeking out new civilisations etc etc. But I know it is only an artificial image created by clever special effects and computer graphics and will never be a reality for quite some… Continue reading We live in the real world – and deliver real world CCTV systems

January 2015 Review

Finally the cold weather has arrived, although even this month had a few days where t shirts seemed more appropriate than thermals. At the start of the month and the year, we welcomed Darren Hills into the company, as detailed in my previous blog. I am very optimistic that Darren will develop into a first… Continue reading January 2015 Review

May 2014 Review

What a month May turned out to be? Our focus remains on the preparation work to get our new offices complete for opening on the 28th June. Because we are refurbishing an existing garden building, that was previously used as a recreational area, complete with small swimming pool etc, we had  to remove all existing plant and… Continue reading May 2014 Review

March 2014 Review

I think we can finally conclude that the Ark building business idea can be put on hold for now. I will need to check the good book to see how we handle Sahara dust and European pollutants, especially as the Eastern Europeans seem to have the car washing business nicely tied up (am I sounding… Continue reading March 2014 Review

GuardHome new offices – a quick update

The second phase of the development of our new offices has now started. I have recruited an energy conservation specialist to develop and implement a strategy for heating and air conditioning for the office using the latest green renewable energy techniques.  We are likely to employ solar energy, air source heat pumps, high efficiency thermal… Continue reading GuardHome new offices – a quick update

February 2014 Review

February 2014 was a bit of a mixed month really. After a period of sustained wet weather, where flooding seemed to be the biggest risk, the weather finally calmed down towards the end of the month and we had some truly delightful spring like days. I don’t remember any days of early morning ice scraping… Continue reading February 2014 Review

An exciting new phase for GuardHome

This week is very exciting for us at GuardHome as it sees work starting on our new offices. After almost ten years  of running my business from a very cosy room in my home, I have decided we are sufficiently mature  to have our own offices. Some of the local residents may already have seen… Continue reading An exciting new phase for GuardHome

Another Great Year For GuardHome

At GuardHome we are just coming to the end of our ninth year of trading. Where has the time gone? Again we have achieved near record sales with our reputation for providing superb security and the highest standards of customer service being cited by our clients as their reason for using us and allowing us… Continue reading Another Great Year For GuardHome

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